Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Using a Nikon as a Chair

People have been talking about this image for the last few days:

People assume he's dumb for (1) using such an expensive lens as a chair, and (2) shooting with his cell phone while having a dSLR with a nice lens on it at his disposal. Well, I kinda feel the same as the rest of the world about #1, but regarding issue #2, he only has a long lens on that camera. If he needs to shoot something a bit wider, he'd need a different camera or lens. So maybe he's snapping a candid photo of a friend (or something) with his "normal" cell phone. There have been plenty of times I've had my dSLR around my neck and shot something with my phone instead. So cut him some slack.

But... as a Canon user... I'm TEMPTED to make the joke "Finally, someone using a Nikon the proper way!"


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