Friday, January 05, 2007

Portfolio Review at MCP

Near the beginning of December, I received an e-mail from Jes at the Minnesota Center for Photography (MCP). It read:

“Thanks for your interest in MCP and our exhibition program. We have many artists seeking spots on our walls, and far too few opportunities to serve them all. However, after an initial introduction to your work, I would like to get to know a bit more about you and your art in a half-hour print review session here at the Center. I can’t promise that anything will result from the meeting in the short- or long-term, other than some intuitive feedback and increased familiarity on both sides of the table—mine, with your photography, and yours, with MCP and my take on your work. It is these kinds of interactions, though, that for me build over time into more thoroughly considered senses of one’s art...” Blah, blah, blah...

I thought Jes (who I knew from the U of M) put in a good word for me, which led to a review. I didn’t send them anything, and I didn't express "interest in MCP and their exhibition program.” Regardless, I didn’t care how it was arranged; I was just happy to get some face-time in at MCP. So last night, I got all gussied up, and headed to Minneapolis with my portfolio.

Looking smug in the MCP restroom

When I walked in, I ran into Beth Lehman, who was a Post Bac student while I was a Grad student at MCAD. She’s volunteering there, and she renewed my membership. Then I had my meeting with George Slade, the artistic director at MCP. It turns out that I DID express "interest in MCP and their exhibition program.” He had a packet that I had sent to MCP early in 2003, before I started Grad school about 4 years ago. I think they were just getting to my name down the list of photographers that have sent them work! I was almost embarrassed by the work that I had sent 4 years ago - so much has changed.

George had some nice things to say about my work; he had a very poetic way about him. He recognized some of the work from other contest winnings, McKnight entries, etc. I think my work made a good impression, and it was great being able to spend a half hour with George. Thank you, George, for your time and for the feedback you offered me. I’m ready to hang in the Minnesota Projects Gallery whenever you need me!


Caroline Houdek

MCP has a restroom that big, and you took your picture in it!??! Well, you have done stranger things...


Hi! Is this my child? I don't see him dressed like that very often. Good job!! LOVE YOU!! MAW


For some reason this bathroom pic makes me smile.

Looks like we have a love of taking pics in common (though mine are more of friends and I). I have about 950 pics posted on Hehe

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