Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New York Times Magazine: “Universal Faith”

If anyone has the New York Times Magazine from August 26th (a week and a half ago), take a look at the first article on page 13. I was asked to provide an image for a report by Noah Feldman entitled “Universal Faith.” The tag line is “Religion can have a place in public school. It just can’t be for believers alone.”

I know this is late notice, but this project came up quickly. I wasn’t even sure when it was going to be published until I saw it myself. Here’s my image on the first page of the article:

I was contacted by Stacey Baker who works for the Times. I got to know her a little bit from when she worked with the Golden Light Awards in Maine a year and a half ago and I won the “Golden Light Award.” She actually bought a piece of mine. Now, she’s working at the Times, and knew that I had an image that could work for this article. So she gave me a ring. Funny how things work...


ellen darth

i thought you won the "Golden Girls Award." Sorry for the mixup (seriously though, congratulations!!)


This is really, really cool Steve. Congratulations.

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