Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Scans

I have some new Holga shots from my current project. I got the negs back yesterday, and I scanned some images before and after teaching at the U. Here are a few that I’ve been looking at:


“Hayracks Behind the Barn”

“Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Mom’s Lawn Chair”

“Dad’s Bean Field”

“Dad’s Corn Field”

“East Wall of the Baler Shed”

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



love 'em. especially like the "east wall of the baler shed"


Thank God your making photos, I thought you gave it up for abs and pecks.


Great work! I am inspired!!! I take photos all day long of 'things' like yours and just store them on the computer. Differnet lanscapes here in California though!

Thanks! Great pics, and I enjoyed the show.

... that visitor person again..


Oooo, I really like these. I don't know what "scans" are, exactly. Perhaps if I peruse your blog more, I'll find out!


East wall of the baler shed is great. Is your work for sale?

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