Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost Blizzard Photos

Todd Bieber, a NY based writer and filmmaker, made a discovery in Brooklyn's Prospect Park after one of the east coast's recent snowstorms.

It was a roll of shot (but undeveloped) B&W film.

Todd's developed the film and was struck by the beauty of the images. Now, he's trying to track down the owners of the stunning black and white photos of New York in winter.

Here's the video that Todd made that shows the photos (the photos start at the 0:40 mark):

Direct Link:

I have my doubts about the truthfulness of the story, but on YouTube, Todd says this: "By the way -- This story is 100% true. Cross my heart. I didn't realize that would even be an issue for some people. haha. Just interested in telling my story and finding the owners." He makes me want to believe...

Click here for the story on Yahoo News, or click here for the story on Time Magazine's website.

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