Friday, August 05, 2011

Holga Photos from Stouts Island

I got my film processed last week, and scanned some negatives over the last 2 days. These photos don't fit any body of work of mine, but they are just "cute" photos that I made while teaching a photo class on Stouts Island.

I could use your help: let me know your opinion on which image you'd like to see printed larger in the CVA Faculty Exhibition at the end of this month. I'm thinking about using one of these images. Leave a comment on which photo you like the best. Note: the "Pool Balls" photo is probably too blurry to print large.

(Oh, and as you'll see by the first 5 or 6 images, I was really drawn to all of the adirondack chairs all over the island. Sorry for the monotony.)

"Adirondack in the Boat House"

"Adirondack and Cedar Lake"

"Behind the Garden House"

"Adirondacks and Raspberry Bushes"

"Row of Adirondacks"


"Looking Across the Island"

"Pool Balls"

"Backflip Off the Raft"

One of my students got a photo of me working with a family of kids on the island. Mike made this photo of me treading water while I was making a photo with my Holga:

Any thoughts on which photo you'd like to see printed larger? (Besides Mike's photo.)




They are all great - but I like the first one the most - "Adirondack in the Boat House"

Sixteen Chickens

Hmmm, I would go with Back Flip Off a Raft as my first choice, and Adirondacks and Raspberry Bushes as my second. (I know you didn't ask for a 2nd, but I'm giving it anyway.) Back Flip has visual tension that holds my interest, and the title of Adirondack with Raspberry bushes works nicely with the colors of the image.


I like #1 the best


Back Flip. No question.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman

Either "Adirondack in the Boat House" or "Adirondack and Cedar Lack."


I like Adirondack and Cedar Lake. Just looking at it makes me feel relaxed!



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