Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photos Notes: Vandalized!

A few days ago, I shared this photo of the board in my class after the first "nerdy" day of class. We've added to the notes a bit, and they're still on the board for reference. This week, when I raised up the projector screen at the start of class, someone had "vandalized" my notes. Here's what I found:

Santa was added to my section about "white balance:" he's riding down the shadow.

I noted we will NOT be using an automatic mode. Someone interpreted it this way (which I'm OK with).

No. It's "Depth of field." Not "Donuts on fire."

My "compression settings" corner of the board had numbers added to it to become a "hotness scale."

That's film grain. Not berries.

Well, it really doesn't take a long shutter speed for it to all fall apart. That one I'll allow.

Nope. ISO does not stand for "Icky Sexual Otters." No matter how much either of us want it to.

Here's to an educational (and entertaining) semester.


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