Monday, March 02, 2015

Photos from the CVA Action "Reverberations" Opening

Saturday night was a huge success at the "Reverberations" opening reception at Form+Content Gallery and Traffic Zone. This was really the first big event that CVA Action put together, and we were all thrilled at how it turned out and the reception we got. It turned into a mini all-school reunion. Here are some photos from Saturday night:

Instagrammed by CVA Action: "We're getting ready to open in AN HOUR!
Stop by Form+Content tonight! 6-9 p.m. #CVAaction"

Some of our CVA Action board to the left, with the gallery open through the doors in the back.

CVA Action board members and artists in the show.

More people showing up.

Inside Form+Content: Michelle M (faculty) and Barb S (computer support). And is that Val Y back there?

Really filling up outside the gallery!

Adam S (admissions), Jean C (librarian), Nancy D (staff), Karen W (faculty), and lots of students in this photo.

Back inside the gallery, with Tom O (FND faculty) to the right.

FILLED with former students.

Just outside the gallery with Julie L (Liberal Arts Chair) and John D (Design Chair).

Joshua M (student/board), Lynn T (admissions), Julie L, and Maria S (printmaking).

A lot more former students, along with Lynda M (FND Chair), Caroline (photo tech/board), and John D.

A photo from Keri: the lobby was packed.

Another photo from Keri: Lynn T and I catching up. I worked for her in admissions as a student worker 14 years ago.

I was talking with too many old friends and students at Form+Content that I never made it over to the other half of the show at Traffic Zone! Oops! Luckily, Keri took some photos of everyone over there, along with Aki Shibata's ongoing performance piece (at the desk in the middle of the gallery). Here are 5 of Keri's photos:

At Traffic Zone.

Aki's performance piece in the middle - love letters were being written between the 2 galleries.

Traffic Zone filling up!

[click the image to enlarge]

[click the image to enlarge]

After the opening reception, there was an after-party at Bev's Wine Bar next door to Traffic Zone. Bev's was filled with only people from CVA, and here are a couple of blurry shots of mine:

Rachel S, Laura F, David C, and Neil J (among others).

I can make out Sara RG, Maureen M, and Sarah F in here, although these are all CVA folks.
I know Kate G is on the end of that back table.

Shannon B and Rob F.

Some of the CVA Action board.

A shot from Bev's of the CVA Action board who made this night possible (minus Caroline H),
along with Lynda and Val who worked so hard to get this exhibit up!

There will be more images coming soon, I'm sure. Make sure to check the CVA Action's website for updates (especially on our upcoming artist/designer lectures later this month), and make sure to "like" CVA Action on Facebook. (Find them on twitter and instagram as well.)

In case you missed it, here's a post with some photos from the install, and here's the postcard and invitation.


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