Monday, April 09, 2018

"Phases of Matter" at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts

My boys and I went out to the Minnetonka Center for the Arts last Thursday for the closing reception for "Phases of Matter." Linda Gammell (a former CVA professor) was one the artists featured in the show. Here are a few pics:

Walking the halls with my boys as we got there early.

Charlie posing by lots of looms. They thought this classroom was amazing.

In the gallery. Some of Linda's pieces (and her husband).

This huge piece in the middle entranced my 1st grader.
He watched all the gears until he had everything figured out.
Beautiful subtle movement that made the boat seem like it was on a lake.

The gallery starting to fill up.

More people.

More of Linda's work.

Roaming the gift shop before heading home.

Linda and I got to say hi (we had seen each other just a week before at an art event here in St. Paul), and I also got to briefly catch up with long-ago CVA professor Linda Rossi. I need to make it a point to stop in to the Minnetonka Center for the Arts when we're driving by to visit family by the lake over the summer.


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