Saturday, June 20, 2020

Reminders of a "Normal" Semester

I stopped back at Hamline University recently to grab a few files from this past semester. We had about 5-6 "normal" weeks of the semester before we took a long spring break and then came back remotely for the rest of the school year. I sat down to make sure I had copies of all my screen capture recordings:

In the middle of the desktop is a grouping of 14 videos (nearly 5 GB of them).

Those are just recorded presentations for my students. They were not the examples, PowerPoints, handouts, or their projects. So all-in-all, I downloaded nearly 11 GB of info from the last half of the semester: 2.3 GB from my Digi I class, 3.5 GB from my Digi II class, and nearly 5 GB of screen capture recordings that were a mix of both classes.

I noticed my notes from the first week of the semester were still on the whiteboard behind the projection screen - the "nerdy week" as I call it where we go over camera functions. I love that week. This was a reminder of how joyfully and normally (and naively) we started the spring semester of 2020:

Everything was so dried on from the months of sitting there that I had to use the "white board cleaner" spray seen in the lower left. Here it is afterwards with the little towel hung out to dry because it was so full of cleaner:

Good-bye spring semester 2020. Hope to never see you again.


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