Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stout’s Island Digital Photography Class

I wrapped up teaching a week-long class on Stout’s Island about a month ago. Stout’s Island is a small 13 acre island in central WI. It has a great old lodge in the middle of it. I was there with 10 adult students as they learned about their digital cameras as well as ideas and techniques to make their photography better / stronger / more interesting.

Below are a few photos that Verna took of me. Verna is a professional photographer, and she took my class to take a break from what she was used to doing. These photos are from when her husband Paul taught me how to play croquet on the island:

Through the wickets, looking up to the main lodge.

Hitting through a wicket.

Taking a shot...

... and reacting to my horrible miss.

Thanks for the photos, Verna!

I made a number of photos as well (of course). But I found myself busier with the class than I thought I’d be, so I didn’t have as much time to wander the island and shoot. Below are a few images that I made. As I was going through them, I discovered that I must have a love for Adirondack chairs!

Note: these are quite different from my usual work - this was just a chance to make some fun / beautiful images on a small WI island.

Swimming area

At the end of the dock at the boathouse

Playing with an f/1.4 prime lens

Bell-tower at the lodge

The lodge on Stout’s Island

A 30 second exposure one night just after a storm

My students and I around the fire pit on our last night (also a 30 second exposure)

My students and I at the boathouse waiting to catch the ferry back to the mainland

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You should never think without an image.

- Aristotle

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