Friday, September 24, 2010


I suppose that's true...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Minnesota State Arts Board Grant (for the Kernel’s Show)

The 37 photos that I printed, matted, and framed for Kernel Days were made possible in part by a Minnesota Festival Support Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. I worked with the Wells Chamber of Commerce in order to obtain the grant, and they were very helpful.

Here’s some of the work I was doing throughout this process:

Budgeting: how much for what sizes.

Blueprints of the 2 possible rooms I could use for the show.

Keeping track of what I was printing (and what sizes).

Photocopies of the receipts in progress.

I shot a few rolls with my Holga during the Kernel Days Parade that I’ll scan and show over the next few weeks. But here’s one I scanned this evening - it’s one of the last photos I made, and it’s of 2 people looking at my work:

So a big THANKS to the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Wells Chamber of Commerce for making the Kernel's Show a possibility! Back with more soon.

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