Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Shave November

On Monday, Jacob Stordahl (one of my Digital Photography students at Hamline) took a photo of me for an on-going "No Shave November" project of his. Here was what I was able to grow:

It's a bit shaggier longer now that it's been another 5 days, but my wife says it won't make it through the day tomorrow (December 1st). RIP beard of 2013.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Driving Through Southern Minnesota

I spent 4 hours on the road earlier today as I took my son to Grandma's for the weekend. I stopped for a few photos (just on my phone) at an abandoned garage on top of a small hill along Hwy 30.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Evolution of the Camera

Friday, November 01, 2013

Five Photo Links for Early November

• 1: Here's a trailer for an upcoming documentary called "Long Live Film." I don't need to tell you what the movie is about.

Direct Link:

I really agree with the line "I like HOW it makes me shoot..." I've been staying that for years.

(Side note: it looks like they didn't shoot the film on film. If they were really smart, they would have...)

• 2: Buzzfeed was using a photograph from a photographer/engineer from California. But they didn't ask to use it. He posted about copyright issues and his fight with Buzzfeed after he found this photo of his on one of their most popular posts:

CLICK HERE for the photographers story (which ends up turing out OK for him as Buzzfeed agreed to pay his invoice for $500 to a charity).

• 3: Who says you can't be "discovered?" Rosie Hardy was a young photographer with a Flickr page when a little band named Maroon 5 stumbled across her work.

The band liked one of her images, and contacted her to shoot something like that for their new album. And now it's on the cover of their CD. CLICK HERE for more on Rosie and a video about her story being discovered. (But this won't keep me from still telling my students "don't WAIT to be discovered - you've gotta go work for it!")

• 4: Recognize this photo?

Probably not. But there's quite the story to it, which ends in the only time that 2 men from the same aircraft received the Congressional Medal of Honor for a mission. CLICK HERE for the entire story if you're a history / WWII / photography buff.

• 5: And finally, here's a depressing little CNN article for other Adjunct Professors like me. It's titled "Adjunct professors are the new working poor." Damn. (But I should make sure to point out that it IS an "opinion" piece. If you want to put yourself in the middle of a big debate, read through the comments of that article...)

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