Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Contact Sheets Suck the Life Out of Me

Thanks mildly in part to the harassment of 2 friends, I finally had some film processed yesterday. I biked to ProColor and met an interesting person on the way back. Now I’m sitting at MCAD printing contact sheets - always the most pointless and tedious step for me. Don’t get me wrong, I see the point in making contact sheets, I simply hate making them. Stupid color processor, wasting my life 4 minutes at a time.

Also, I think I need to have a point to each trip that I go on to make photos. Sometimes, when I have a free day to make photos, I just pick up and drive to some town and see what there is to photograph. I don’t think that’s a good strategy. In fact, as I write it, I feel like it’s making me dumber.

Of course I need to have a point; I can’t just randomly drive up to a random town and make random photos. Or can I?... It HAS worked in the past. I don't know anymore.

Contact sheet favorites coming soon.


Caroline Houdek

4 minutes of your life at a time Ehhh, I think you just don’t like the good old fashion traditional color process…. well traditional as a machine can be. Printing is the best time to multi task, you can do a lot of things in 4 minutes, well, not really, but I'm trying... (Although I have to admit I haven’t made a C-print beyond contact sheets for months – stupid digital overtaking the C-print)

As for you driving around and finding pictures… I’ve been there… sometimes still go there… but think of what Alec Soth does, although you’ve worked with him and know him better than I so perhaps I don’t need to tell you, but he makes a list of things he wants to find, and finds them, whatever else he finds along the way – bonus!

And one more thing, MAKE MORE WORK!

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