Friday, July 28, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

SES wrapped up last weekend. For those not in the know, SES (Summer Expression Series) at MCAD is a 2-week intensive for high-school students who want to know what it’s like to go to art school. I’m involved in the Digital Photo portion of the program. At the same time, there is a Music Video class, Sound class, Interactive class, and Documentary Video class all going on. We all work together with a local band to create all kinds of good stuff for them (music video, website, new recordings, etc.). It’s intense. I always make some new friends and have a great time! I’ve never figured out what my salary comes out when paid out hourly – I’ve been afraid to, because I know it would be around $5/hour. But it’s totally worth it to work with those students and the band.

We had final critique in my CVA Digital Design class this week, and I have 2 weeks left in my MCAD Photo 1 summer class. Once everything is done, I have less than 1 week before starting my residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN. As soon as that’s done, fall semester starts, and I’ll be teaching at least 4 classes in at least 3 schools. Ahh, the adjunct life is a good life!

If you’re interested, I hope to be posting fairly regularly during my residency from August 16th through the 31st. Check back and see how it’s going. Have a great weekend!


Katie Lombardo


This really doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I miss you! I'm teaching arts & crafts at a summer camp right now in Northern California and haven't been in Mpls. for two months!

I just wanted to drop by and remind you of how much I enjoy your work... your glimpse into small town life brings me back to home. A new favorite photo of mine: The store shelves stacked with Cheez-Its and the stuffed moose head peeking over... The JUICE sign adds as well.

Wonderful collection, Steve. I love seeing the progression of your work.

Steve S.

Thanks Katie! I hope to see you around in the fall. Have a great summer!

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