Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Current Teaching

So SES (Summer Expression Series) at MCAD has just started, and I’m freaking busy. I’m the head TA for the Digital Photo program.

My bowling buddies on the first day of SES

SES is an intense 2 week class for high school students. It’s a blast, but the pay isn’t much for the time that I put in (or the time that anyone puts in to SES for that matter). It comes out to about $5/hour once all is said and done. Also, I’m half way though teaching a Photo 1 class at MCAD. I’m ALSO wrapping up the Digital Design course at CVA. And recently, I wrapped up the Brown College Photoshop 1 course. So my teaching for the summer is winding down, and I’m gearing up for my residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN, in August.

I haven’t been making much work lately, but I have been going on some small shoots fairly consistently. Last summer I all but stopped for 3 months. So I’ll keep shooting and we’ll see what happens.



Your work is epic and beautiful, as always. It's so refreshing to see that your sense of humor always comes through in your images. It's been a while since I've seen your work and that distance makes me realize all the more why I admire you so much as a photographer. You're spectacular.

I'll be checking this often, I promise. More comments to come!

miss erin j

your mom goes to SES....

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