Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Postcard Image Vote

I have a gift certificate from Modern Postcards for 500 postcards of one image. The back of the postcard would have my contact info, including the title of the photo, etc. I want to get some postcards printed soon, and I want to use an image from my stay at the Anderson Center in Red Wing. I have an idea of what I’d like to use, but I want to get some feedback. Please look over the following images and post a comment with your vote. Thanks a bundle!

Cousins Waiting for the Amtrak
to go to the American Girl Doll Factory

Clydesdales at Wal-Mart

Mennonite Sisters at a Picnic

Red Wing Princess on the Patio

Marina Girl on the Phone



Clydesdale or Red Wing Princess.

The horsey is my favorite, though.

Nick Z.

Clydesdale all the way!


Cydesdale or Amtrak


Cydesdale or Princess

annie kennedy

Steve I like the horse!
(Send me one!)


Sorry steve, gotta buck the trend. for a postcard, i would go with the princess or the Marina girl.
I like the horsey, cause who doesn't but I think the other two would translate better


Marina Girl on the Phone, because i like butts

Caroline Houdek

I'm quite fond of the horse as well, but depending on who your audience is they may not get it, and is it a good representation of the body of work you're going to be showing? The Amtrack picture is nice, but again has a certain kind of appeal, I'm getting a narrative of the kids being shipped away. The Marina girl seems to have a... how shall I say, male appeal, it's a good picture, and I do like it, but then the feminist in me speaks up - I wouldn't use it for the post card. The Red Wing princess is grabbing, she's wearing a red dress that pops out of the picure and in a very peculiar setting. The Mennonites don't draw my attention at all. So after my long, drawn out rationalization I would go with the Red Wing Princess!

Caroline Houdek

Oh yeh, when you pick I hope I get a post card! :-)


I think either the clydesdale at walmart or the princess by the fireplace. I like the oddity and the humor that goes along with it.


i think amtrak or sisters at a picnic.

my favorites are butts, of course, but if the card is horse butt, the whole show might look like it's about animals.
and the girl butt reminds me too much of lauren greenfield "girl culture" and i expect to see only teenage girls.


I would go with the Red Wing Princess on the Patio...


I'm usually a contrarian, but the horse gets my vote. It's a New Topography shot with a horse. I'm not seeing that every day. One image of a "portrait" will just get sucked into the ENDLESS morass of bad "quirky" portraits being done today.


I would have to say either the amtrack girls or the marina girl...but i'm not an artist so do what you want with my thoughts :)
~lil sis


Amtrack girls. I also like the horse pictures, but not the one you have selected for a postcard. I like the cowboy hat in the forground and the hourse and walmart sign in the background.


Definitely the Clydesdale.

Steve S.

Thanks everyone for your input! It's basically down to the Clydesdale or the Princess. I'm torn. I think either would work, so I just need to decide.

Thanks again, good art friends.


Hi Steve,
I like the horse too, but mostly because I hope it left a big old skid mark on that wall...mart. The Patio Princess has a bit more depth, on several levels. Caroline had good comments about the marina girl.


My vote is for the horse.


The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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