Thursday, September 21, 2006

Postcard Photo

The verdict is in. And I’m going (slightly) against the thoughts of the majority. Here’s the final tally (including the votes that I received by e-mail):

Clydesdales at Wal-Mart: 12
Red Wing Princess: 10
Amtrak Cousins: 8
Mennonite Sisters: 3
Marina Girl: 3
and a few older, random photos that received 1 vote each.

You told me to go with the Clydesdales. I’ve given it a lot of thought and weighed the options back and forth, and I’ve decided that I’m going with the Red Wing Princess photo for the postcard. I’m not saying all the feedback was unimportant, because I REALLY did appreciate all the notes that I received. I just had to make the call myself. I think the photo that I chose is more representative of my work as a whole than the Clydesdales. I couldn’t justify putting the horse on 500 postcards, even though I love the image. Simple as that.

Thank you to everyone who gave me their opinion. Within the month, I can send you a flashy, new postcard!

And on a completely separate note, my money is on Melrose, A.J., or CariDee to take home the title of America’s Next Top Model. The season premiere was last night. But I only saw the first of the 2 episodes. This is my early prediction. Stay tuned to see just how little I know about the fashion/modeling industry.



well Steve, I just got the message to check these out- sorry, i've been a little busy- but I was going to say the clydesdale too... I guess you'd have to see the whole collection to know that the other one was better, but that Clydesdale picture is so unique! anyway, they're all great- glad you had a good time there. Talk to you soon. :D

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