Saturday, August 21, 2010

Final Prep for Kernels Show

The show is up! I have 37 pieces on display near Half Moon Park in Wells, MN for Kernel Days. Here’s some of the final prep work for dealing with all this work:

Pile of trash: linen tape backing, empty bags of
framing hardware, and Windex-covered paper towels.

Paper that once wrapped all the pieces to my metal frames.

Titles mounted on foam core.

Nine photos on the seat, and 8 on the floor.
All are laying back-to-back with sheets between all the fronts.

20 large pieces (22x24 frames) in the backseat of my car.

I hauled all the pieces SAFELY to Wells on Friday afternoon (yesterday), and hung the work immediately in a cleaned-out shed near the park where Kernel Days is held. Many people have already stopped by, and I hope to have a good turnout tomorrow after the parade. It’s been great getting feedback from people who live and work in the area where many of these photos were made - they view the work in such a different way than my photography peers in Minneapolis / St. Paul.

If you’re in the Wells area, stop by tomorrow after the parade and say hi! Photos from the show to follow shortly...


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