Monday, August 23, 2010

Kernel Days Show

The city of Wells received a grant to have me print, frame, and show many of the photos I’ve made over the last few years around the Wells area. So they asked me to come back and show my work at Kernel Days, which is the yearly town celebration – complete with baseball, volleyball, beanbag toss, and cribbage tournaments, lots of fried food, a talent show, a classic car show, and a big parade on Sunday. (Among other things.)

I got back home late last night after Kernel Days. It was a busy weekend. I hung 37 photos Friday night, was around all day Saturday to show off the work, and was around after the parade on Sunday (yesterday). Here are a few photos from my little exhibit:

I sold a number of pieces along with one of my “Faribault County” books, so it was a successful weekend exhibit! Thanks to everyone from the area who stopped by to see my work!



Steve! your work looks great! I follow your triathlon blog and will now be following your photo blog as I too am a professional photographer and thriathlete. I am currently in law school but got my BFA at the Art Institute of Boston and have worked professionally for Edward Burtynsky and JP Caponigro and I taught at the Maine Media College before I left for law school. I must say that I miss making and showing work.

If you ever find yourself in the RI area for a race or work, drop me a line. There's a few beers in it for you.


Oh my! Steve, these are awesome! I grew up in a small town in WI and I have many similar scenes :)


Came over from "speedo" Steve and hadn't realized you were an artist. So few of us artist/endurance sport combos I find. Anyway. Great to see your "other" side. Kudos on your show and sales!

Ironman By Thirty

Love your work Steve. I've been a long time follower of the Speedo site and have checked out your photo blog from time to time.

I am a (very) amateur photographer myself.

One quick question for you. How/where do you print your photos? With my limited experience, I've stuck with online services (ala Shutterfly/Snapfish - which probably make a pro like you cringe). Any recommendations for the next step up? I'd really like something with more sizing options other than the standard 4x6, 8x10, etc (eg. 10x20, 10x10, etc).

Sixteen Chickens

Just had this odd thought that if you ever do become a parent (your Mom can make the check payable to me at...) are we going to be treated to images of cradle cap, boogy suckers, and diaper rashes?

Seriously cool venue for a show though. Is that a real pole barn?

Steve Stenzel

Thanks guys! And IBT, I teach at a few different colleges and universities, so I'm able to pay to make prints on great Epson printers - like the 4800 or 4880. They will do up to 17x22 sheet (and larger rolls), and the prints are great!

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