Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Art Student Owl" - a new meme

There's another new internet meme out there. It's called the "Art Student Owl." There's a great tumblr page that was created by a sophomore at the School of Visual Arts in NY. She takes submissions of this meme and puts up the ones that she likes. I sifted through 50 pages of them because I could NOT stop laughing. Here are some from her blog that I thought were especially true / funny / close-to-home:

Here are some that are PHOTO RELATED:

I know that feeling after going outside after being in a darkroom for HOURS.

And finally, here are a few that I feel like I MUST comment on, being I'm a professor at an art school:

I warn my students about this ALL the time.

Probably because the work you TURNED IN was great, but you were missing pieces.

This happens in my 2D Design class. All. The. Time.

I try NOT to let this happen - I'm always telling students "there's gouache on your chin."

Always on the look-out for this...

My Color Theory class in a nutshell.

Unfortunately, I've been known to do this. Ask my students. Sorry.

NEVER! I don't like alcohol enough, and I don't NOT like my students enough! ;)

Not COMPLETELY true, but not completely false either....




ellen darth

Great post Steve! I think I told a student a few weeks ago, "Art is always painful...." Yikes!

Kristin H

Steve.. this totally made my whole week. Thanks for the post! :D


This is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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