Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Old Photos in Class

I often share a "nerdy" photo of what the whiteboard looks like after our first week or 2 of class as it's fill with all kinds of photo notes (take this post from last September as an example). But this semester, I thought I'd share a photo I recently instagrammed of some old photos I brought into class:

Caption: "Brought in some old photos to share in my class today. The one on the right was a big hit
because both of these men have their head clamped in with a Brady Stand, and the standing man
has eerie painted pupils because he must have blinked during the long exposure."

And then I added a comment with more info: "Note the base of a stand behind the standing man, and you can see something between the legs of the guy who's sitting. Their heads are clamped in the back so they don't move during the exposure."

We had just talked during the class before about early film exposures and the long exposure time they needed. Oh, and there's a dead baby photo in the lower left. Morbid. But not uncommon.


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