Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Upcoming Show at Hamline University

I'm getting ready for a show at the Soeffker Gallery at Hamline University. I recently made a few larger prints (16" x 25") from my 4 a.m. series for the show. Prior to this printing session, I think I'd only made 3 larger prints from that series. Earlier this week, I printed 7 to look at in the hopes of editing that down to 4 or 5 pieces for the exhibition.

Final edits.

The printer hadn't been used since before J-term, so there was a *bit* of a clogged nozzle problem.

Making prints.

Figuring out my mats.

Prints "drying" and flattening in my office.

I'll be spending the weekend matting and framing work. Back with an update soon.


Linda Dobosenski

Can't wait to see this work in print. Thanks for pointing me toward your blog, Steve!

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