Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two Memories: Photo-Related and Color Theory-Related

I had 2 Facebook "on this day" memories that I had to share today. First, this popped up from 2 years ago:

My wife posted this with the caption "Like father, like son."

And 4 years ago as the College of Visual Arts was in its final semester before closing, I posted this:

Caption: "One of my students came to Color Theory today and told me that she
painted a 9-step value scale on her fingernails over the weekend. I wept quietly."

I commented on that photo shortly after posting it with more info: "I asked her what you're all wondering: 'But don't you have 10 nails?' She painted middle grey on both thumbs." Some people asked if it was paint, gouache, or nail polish, and I noted in a comment farther down that it was nail polish - she had white and black, so she mixed her own value scale.


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