Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scientific Proof That I am Meant to be an Artist

Sarah and I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota this past weekend to see Body Worlds. Is it science or is it art? We had a good discussion on that. Anyway, we spent some time at the machine that has 2 pendulums attached to a pen. You can adjust the weights on the pendulums to cause the pen to react in different ways. Sarah (the doctor) was able to make this in her first attempt:

I (the artist) was able to make this in my first attempt:

There you have it: scientific proof that Sarah is not an artist, and that I am an artist. Sarah can easily prove to you that she is a pharmacist, while I prove to you that I am not a pharmacist by giggling when anyone says “Levitra.”



wow. I want to see all the attempts, these are amazing!

Steve Stenzel

There was only one more that be both took part in together, and that one seemingly mixed our "talents" (it was semi-horrible). These 2 are our first attempts. And I know, they really prove nothing.


So what was the result of your discussion about the Body Worlds - Art vs. Science? I just saw it last night and had mixed feelings about the fact that the bodies were "signed" by the artist (not no the actual body, but on the plaque next to it).

Can't wait to see more photos...

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