Monday, November 03, 2008

Show at Silver Eye Center For Photography

The 2-person show that I was just a part of recently came down. It was in the New Works Gallery at the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA. Here are 2 screenshots from their website:

And a close-up:

It's interesting how they paired me with another Mid-Westerner. I don't know how that makes me feel...

Anyway, back to teaching. Time to go push back the frontiers of vagueness...



I'm happy to finally be able to see some of your recent work. Sometimes I think you're becoming too much a jock. Not really becoming, since I doubt it's even possible for you, but escaping into the mind-numbingness of it. I think eventually you'll have to give it up, for ART!

You're never more eloquent, than when photographing your own foot, or some other body part, but I still don't see many FOOT PHOTOS here. When more of the physical stuff from the jog blog makes it over here, then you'll be less a SPLIT PERSONALITY, less SCHIZO, less PHILISTINE, a better photographer and eventually maybe an ARTIST.

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