Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Build Your Own High Speed Flash

... and I'm NOT using the term "high speed" lightly!

Ever wanted to freeze a pellet moving at 1,000 feet / second for a photograph?

I recently came across this article that shows you how to make your own high speed air-gap flash for around a few hundred dollars. But the article also said this:

You should not build this because this flash will kill you. It really will. This flash requires charging a 35,000 volt capacitor that will easily kill a person for a single mistake. I have a safety checklist that I use ever time I plug in this flash and it still scares me. If it didn’t scare me then I shouldn’t be using it because this thing is dangerous. The below information is for educational purposes only. Do not build one! If you go against my advice and do build one, I am not responsible for any injury, death, or any other problems it causes.

I love it when the internet shows you exactly how to do something and then says DON'T DO IT!

Here's the final product shown in the article:

If you can understand circuitry, then check out all of the diagrams and photos of the flash by clicking here. But don't build it, or you will die.


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