Friday, October 07, 2011

Opening of the New Photo Labs at CVA

Last night was the "Grand Opening Celebration" for the new CVA Photo Lab. (BTW, if you aren't a fan of the CVA Photo Lab on Facebook, become one now!) There were a lot of people there, and I was able to chat with some old and new "photo friends."

Here are some photos from last night:

Goodies (many of them were made by members of our own photo faculty)

The "loungy" area directly outside of the B&W lab - notice
the magnetic wall used for instant critique space!

Faculty, staff, and students starting to file-in to the new studio

Ann Ledy (the president of CVA in the red glasses) thanking those who made
the new labs possible - there were a LOT of people who did a LOT of work!

Students getting ready to present thank you gift baskets
to Shawn, Grant, John, and I. Thanks students!

Some of my work-study lab assistants found the extra food once everyone had left...

My gift basket from the students

Probably the most random gift basket I've ever received... Thanks photo students (and Emma!)

Thanks to EVERYONE who showed up in support of the Photo Program last night! What a fun time!

I'll have some pretty dramatic "before-and-after" photos of the photo lab spaces posted in the next week or 2. Check back for those and become a fan of the CVA Photo Lab on Facebook!


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