Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Ten Days of Murals" at 4 a.m.

At the very end of 2017, I did a little side project on my Instagram page. I posted some 4 a.m. photographs for 10 days straight, and I called it my "Ten Days of Murals." On the first day, I added this mini statement about the next 10 days:

Usually I photograph very public and scenic areas of the city that are quiet (and therefore sometimes unusual) at 4 a.m. But for the next 10 days, I want to show some murals I’ve been photographing. These public pieces of art are meant to be enjoyed during the day, and they take on a new life under the streetlights - a way they maybe aren’t intended to be viewed.

Here's what I posted over those 10 days:

[click each photograph for a larger image]

Day #1: near Snelling Ave in St. Paul.

Day #2: a Minneapolis neighborhood mural on the side of Falls Liquor on Minnehaha.

Day #3: the side of Classic Retro at Pete’s on University Ave.

Day #4: a Midway Murals mosaic piece on the side of Star Food Market from the Taco Bell parking lot.

Day #5: along Snelling Ave in St. Paul.

Day #6: an in-progress mural on the garage doors outside of Can Can Wonderland.
(Sidenote: when you view this image on your phone from your Insta account, it's a 2 image panorama.)

Day #7: another Midway Mural off of Snelling Ave.

Day #8: the side of Dunn Bros. on Grand Ave depicting the two downtowns of the two Twin Cities.

Day #9: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox on the side of the (now permanently closed) St. Clair Broiler.

Day #10: the 5-story Golden Spiral by Ed Charbonneau Jeremy Szopinski in Pedro Park.

Bonus mural photo: this one helped inspire the "Ten Days of Murals" as I made
this photo from the side of Creative Lighting 2 weeks before this mini project.

Again, click each image to see it larger, and follow me on Instagram for more of my 4 a.m. work.


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