Monday, August 12, 2019

Another Office Move

This past school year, I had an adjunct office all to myself. I don't think that's happened before at Hamline University (or any other college I've taught at, for that matter). Near the end of last semester, I finally started "making it my own" by slowly adding prints to a bulletin board in the corner:

Well, I just moved into a new office, so I had to take my things down on that board. Maybe I'll get "settled in" a bit quicker in my new (shared) office so I can enjoy some student work / test prints / random imagery on the wall before having to take it down again.

Goodbye Room 190. You were smelly, had stained desks, were
always hot... but you were mine. I'll sort of miss you. Kinda of. Maybe.

I've been at Hamline for 6 full school years now, and I think I'm entering my 5th office. (I spent 1 or 2 years in each of the 2 different offices in that odd DMA "lounge" room in the basement, then 2 years down the hall in the basement, then a year in the office I just moved out of, and now I'm in my 5th space.)

My new office has a welcoming (blank) frame, and a place for you to leave me things:

And the office map down the hall still has me in my basement office from 3 semesters ago:

I'm REALLY not complaining. This is the adjunct life, and I love it. It's always an adventure!

Happy back-to-school!


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