Sunday, November 03, 2019

Some Holga Photos from a Big State Parks Adventure

Two weeks ago, my family and I spent 5 days checking out 8 different MN State Parks in the far north-western corner of the state. Here are 6 Holga photos that I recently got back and scanned:

Where the Tamarac River flows into Red Lake (the largest natural freshwater lake
located entirely within Minnesota at approximately 430 square miles).

Ready to start the "bog walk" over the biggest bog in the lower 48 states.

Tamarack trees turning yellow in the bog. They are one of the few conifers that lose their needles in the fall.

Hayes Lake.

The bridge at Old Mill State Park.

The boys over the Buffalo River in Buffalo River State Park.

My taped up camera mid-roll. Two layers of tape over every seam.

Here's the story of our adventure "up north" if you're interested.


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