Sunday, September 20, 2020

New Photo Book

Two weeks ago, I stepped foot inside of my local St. Paul Public Library for the first time since early March. (Thanks COVID.) I walked back to the photo section and found a book about Mathew Brady right next to "Capturing the Light" which I read a few months ago:

I brought it home:

I'm 4 chapters in, and I actually took it to both of my photography classes to read a bit from it because it related directly to our discussion.

I think I've read more photo books this year than in the last many years combined: that started with "Chase the Light" (which was still the best one [most entertaining]), and then "L. J. M. Daguerre: The Worlds First Photographer and Inventor of the Daguerreotype" (which I shared parts of here and here), and also "Speculating Daguerre".

So far, this book by Robert Wilson is a bit dry, and there isn't much known about Brady's life, so there's not the personal details like those from "Chase the Light" that I enjoyed so much about Talbot and Daguerre. But it was a nice continuation from the historically earlier books that I read this past winter.


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