Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Recording Lectures

Over the weekend, I prepped for my first fully online course. Like, SUPER prepped. I moved a table (that had an iMac locked to it) in position in front of one of my classrooms, erased the board, and then started giving lectures to the (recording) computer. Here was the scene 7 hours later when I was wrapping up on Saturday night:

CLICK HERE for a large version.

That image shows my laptop on the far left (because I had to glance at the syllabus now and then), cameras and other things to discuss in the back left, the iMac propped up and pointed at the white board to record, and my 2nd camera on the far right. And obviously, a board full of notes at the end of the day.

I was there for 2 days recording demos and recording lectures. By the end of the weekend, I had about 2.5 GB of videos (just the ones worth saving), which totaled nearly 3.5 hours of video. Whew! (And this is all moving "faster" than a normal in-person class because I know students can pause to get caught up and/or rewind for a moment to reiterate a point that they didn't quite understand the first time.)

I have the video files saved 5 different ways/places right now: on that iMac, on a flash drive, on Google Drive, on a private (new) YouTube channel, and on North Central University's video sharing platform. The whole idea with the YouTube channel is that they are not public, but anyone with the direct link can view them, so I can share them in the future when I have a student miss an important class: "Here Johnny, check out this video. It's not EXACTLY what we covered, but it will get you mostly caught up!"

The start of a new (and private) YouTube channel.

On top of everything listed above, I have 4 more videos ready to upload as well: the running total is now just over 4 hours, and I've got close to 4 GB of video files. Sheesh!


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