Friday, July 16, 2021

Scholarship Fundraiser Auction at MCAD

I received my master's degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in 2005, and they recently put out a call for volunteers for their fundraiser for student scholarships. Last night was the big auction of artwork for the scholarship fund, and it's still going on online if you are interested. Here are a few photos from Friday night.

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I loved having a Szyhalski piece on my name badge. (I have to get to the MIA to see his show!)

I was stationed in the main gallery, and here's the view just before it began.

People arriving.

I taught 2D Design and Color Theory with Michelle for 8 years at CVA before it closed!

Many artists had a 1-2 paragraph write-up about their work.
I liked this guy's: all it said was "The paint did most of the work."

People were ushered outside for remarks on the lawn. That's one of 3 Karen Wirth's on the right.

Remarks being given on the lawn.

Under the big tent.

It was so relaxing to watch the yarn piece move in the wind.

More work in the hallway gallery.

Then I took a walk through the main building. I hadn't been there in at least 5 years (possibly about 8 years), and it was amazing to see all that had changed. The smell of the cafeteria and the stairwells were 2 things that HADN'T changed (and they took me back).

Printers outside of the official Service Bureau.

Sassy art school signage.

Love this.

Again, check out the auction online if you are interested.


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