Sunday, April 24, 2022

'Directorial Mode' Images

My Digital Photography II class has some work hung in the hallway outside of our classroom. It's from the "Directorial Mode" project. Here's the text that's hanging along with the prints:

For this assignment, students created 4 final images that lend themselves to the idea of what A.D. Coleman calls the “Directorial Mode.” In his essay he writes: “The work of every photographer describes a unique, personalized version of the universe shaped by that photographer's sensibility and intentions. In the imagery of those who choose to function directorially, this shaping is more aggressively done...”

So these students “aggressively” shaped their images, controlling all aspects of what appears on the print.

More from Coleman: “The directorial mode challenges our long cherished assumptions about the transparency of the photograph, its purported neutrality, its presumed objectivity; insistently undermining the credibility of the photograph, it puts the image in question.”

Students “put their image in question” and created 4 highly controlled photographs. They printed one of their 4 final images on 17” roll paper, and those are the images displayed here.

And here are some photos of their work.

[click each image for a larger version]

And here are a few of their individual images:

A. Stromdahl did seperate compositions about 4 different musical artists.

M. Randall composed this image in her bathroom.

These next two are cut paper illustraions by A. Lindner where
she Photoshopped herself into the 4 seasons. This is summer...

... and this is spring.

K. Hart showed herself doing everyday things along side her dog. Here's eating lunch...

... and working on homework.

L. Bernardy spoofed the over-the-top nature of Peta advertisements
with anti-vegan instead of anti-meat propaganda as seen in these 3 images.

And finally, here's A. Yang's project showing little still lifes with different Funco Pop figures.

This was a striking image printed 17x22" as seen in the opening images above!

If you are around campus, stop by the lower level of the Bush Student Center to see these prints for the next week or so!


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