Monday, November 21, 2022

2022 MCAD Art Sale

This past weekend was the bigger-every-year MCAD Art Sale. I stopped by Friday night and took a quick look around before I became too overwhelmed. Here are a few pics:

[click any image for a larger version]

The main gallery and lines for checking out.

The main gallery.

The photography hallway.

One of my pieces at the upper left.

More of the photo hallway - I have a piece in the upper right and the one two spots to the left of that one.

Other side of the photo hallway.

Paintings back by the auditorium.

More paintings.

In the hallway to the studios.

A tiny section of the furniture area upstairs.

A lot of temporary walls set up in the lounge area on the 2nd floor.

More 2nd floor art.

The north side of the lounge area on the 2nd floor.

Heading toward the illustation section above the main gallery.

Over by the boutique (but I never made it all the way back to the boutique on the far right).

One final trip down the photo hallway.

I ended up selling a handful of pieces, so I'm happy to be bringing back home less than I dropped off!


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