Sunday, May 30, 2021

Feedback From My Fully Online Class

My first fully online class wrapped up a few months ago, and it went well. I posted about recording lectures back in January, and I had a little update in February. I recieved good feedback all semester, and I wanted to share 3 bits of that here.

First was a note I got from a student as we were working our way through the "nerdy" lectures early in the semetser:

Maybe she was sucking up, or maybe she was sincere.

Second is a note I got from an advisor about a different student:

I really tried to give a LOT of feedback as they weren't getting any peer feedback.

And finally, here's a note after the semester was over from an advisor and program director. As I already mentioned, I really pushed out the feedback, and I also utilized one of the features of the class to give "kudos" when someone does something well, or to raise "flags" for specific academic issues. And I used those each week of class for students excelling or having issues:

I'll be teaching this same class in the fall, and now that I've done a LOT of the groundwork, it should be easier (and more fun) this time around!


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