Thursday, May 26, 2022

MCAD Scholarship Fundrasier Auction

I volunteered last week at a fancy auction event at the college where I recieved my master's degree: the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). I first helped out at last year's event, and I was asked back this year. Here are a few photos I made throughout the night:

These first 5 photos are all from the main gallery space.

I sent this portrait of Danny Trejo to my wife saying it would look lovely above our fireplace.

I was going to be stationed in this back hallway, which was actually where the guests would be
entering the main gallery space to look at the art before heading out under the large tent in the yard.

A Karen Wirth piece!

Behind me in that last photo were 4 large pieces, and those 4 were going to be part of the "main event" and auctioned off live later that night. Everything else was a silent auction that could be bid on through your phone or the iPads stationed next to the work.

An hour after we got all trained in, the space started filling up with guests:

Karen talking to someone in front of her piece.

I had to ask people to keep moving at times because it was so packed!

Back in the main gallery.

I didn't stick around when my "shift" was over, but I heard one of the 4 live auction pieces got sold in a bidding war, and it ended up going for $30,000! (I also didn't get any photos of the big tent in the yard, but it looked very similar to last year's set up only with a different piece by Aaron Dysart in the middle.) Thanks to all the bidders for helping to raise money for the student scholarship fund!!

My badge I wore all night.


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