Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Loss of a Photography Mentor

Word started spreading yesterday. In the late afternoon, it had been made official:

I posted a goofy photo of John on Facebook (because he's NEVER serious for a photo) and shared a story. Here's the story and people's responses - I took out the comments of people not associated with CVA, so these are only people who knew John in a similar capacity as I did:

Here are a few photos from social media of John and I over the years:

This one was captioned: "At the 2011 CVA Holiday Sale. Henry is
trying to figure out the art, and John is trying to figure out Henry."

Me holding year-old Henry with John smiling in the background at Ellen's house for an end-of-the-school-year party.

Same party. With students and Caroline.

A CVA meet-up at the MN State Fair a year after CVA closed. We're showing off our CVA shirts.

CVA crew outside of the Bailey House at the State Fair where some
Lowell Bobleter prints were on display. (The founder of CVA back when it was CAA.)

And just 3 months ago I posted about seeing Concordia University's darkroom which still had the enlarger stations that John had built for CVA 11-12 years ago:

And here are two of John from this big post of photos from CVA's history:

John talking as a dept head. (2011?)

Leading a critique. (2005-ish?)

Besides that long post, John's also seen helping out with his carpentry skills while hanging a CVA exhibition in 2015, and at the opening of the new CVA photo labs in 2011. And John was also mentioned in my recent interview about my education in the arts in the Concordia University newspaper.

A photographer friend shared this wonderful image of John, and I'll end this tribute with that photo:


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