Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Memorial for a Photography Mentor

I posted last summer about the sudden loss of John Marshall, the head of the Photography Department at CVA when I was a student there. This past weekend, his wife hosted a memorial event for him at their home in Red Wing:

A young punk.

There was a short ceremony in the yard under a tent.

Ellen took over for John in CVA's final years, and we worked side-by-side!

Heidi, an undergrad photo friend.

Barb and Carol, the computer ladies at CVA.

CVA friend Graham.

His house was filled with his artwork, and Lisabeth told everyone to take a piece of his before we left:

John loved alternative processes - there were some large cyanotypes on clotheslines in the yard as well.

My senior thesis invite (from 2003!) was out on display! He'd kept a lot of student work.

The infamous "beefcake calendar."

I'm not showing any more beyond this. :)

You were one of a kind, John. We shared some laughs and goofy stories in your name this past weekend. Thanks for all you taught us.

More about John in this post from last summer.


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