Monday, November 13, 2006

Am I Insane?

A few months ago, I agreed to teach 4 classes next semester. I was offered another class at the U of M, but I couldn’t because it overlapped with a class that I already had on the books. Last week, John Marshall asked if I could teach a Photo I class at CVA. I’ve wanted to get into the photo dept at CVA, so I simply could not say no.

But that means this spring I’ll be teaching 5 classes. And they are 5 DIFFERENT classes! Media I and Media II at MCAD, and Color Theory, 2D/Digital Design, and Photo I at CVA.

AND I’ll be training for my first Ironman Triathlon.

Holy crap. I need to spend all of winter break working on projects, lectures, and syllabi. I’ll try to make photos this spring, but I will probably take most of the semester off from shooting (unless it’s triathlon related - you KNOW I’ll be turning my training into some sort of photo project!).


Caroline Houdek

Go Steve Go! Super Steve! You can do it! does that mean I'm kind of sort of working for you at CVA?

Caroline Houdek

And I hope I have that problem when I'm done with grad school and looking for teaching work.


ur profile is very interesting and your works too..................
now iam waiting for your forthcoming projects to be seen............

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