Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 1 in NY at the PhotoPlus Expo

I’m safely in New York, staying just kiddy-corner from Madison Square Garden. Today was great! I listened to a few small presentations at the Expo capped off by a round table discussion on Photography and Social Change. This Expo is much different than the Portfolio Reviews at Review Santa Fe. In New Mexico, I was able to meet and talk with other photographers much easier than here. But I expected that. PhotoPlus is more about seeing new products and attending lectures and workshops.

Before the roundtable discussion, I thought I saw Joel Meyerowitz walking in the convention center. I stalked him for a while - all the way out onto the street. He was talking with a young woman the entire time, and I was trying not to butt in. I finally was able to get a word in, and it turns out that it was Joel. He was a nice man. He took one of my postcards (the first one I gave out in NY!) and he had some nice comments about the image. We talked for a few seconds about working for the Times.

Earlier in the day, I hit a few tourist attractions on a quick walking tour: Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, and Times Square. I now have photos of Times Square that look just like anyone else’s photos of Times Square. I also ate at Virgil’s BBQ (which was GREAT) and had a big slice of pizza at La Bella Stella on my way back to my room tonight.

My plate after a huge burger jumped into my belly.
Notice the "napkin" is really a towel.

Time to sleep...sore, sore legs.


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